How to change your grades online hack: school grading system

Tests, Assignments, Examinations, Grades, and Marks. These are the biggest causes of stress for a student in any university. Getting a poor grade or failing a course can be absolutely devastating to most students. It means having to spend time or money to retake it once more. 

Not wanting to spend their efforts on retaking a whole course because of one failed grade, students are looking for other ways to get by. This is where hacking comes in the school grading system. There are ways to hack into University servers to alter your grade. Let’s see how you can do that.

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how to hack your school grades

Can you change your grades online? 

Universities and colleges make a lot of efforts to keep their servers and systems under high security. However, the reality is that with the advancement of the internet, hacking into these servers is now easier than ever before. There are hacking tools hackers use to hack into servers, database, website and this are the list.

Making a change to your grade or marks online a decade ago would have been a piece of cake. However, Universities nowadays have also upgraded their systems. These upgraded systems also come with backdoor entries into the system. You can use these to change your grades online. 

How to change your grades online hack

What can you change in the University server? 

The best way to hack into your University server is to hire a professional hacker to do it. If you have a friend who’s good at it, even better for you. Get a clear understanding of what exactly you need to be changed before a hacker gains access to the system. 

Your assignment grade? Your exam grade? Your GPA? Maybe even a complete tune-up of all your grades? These are things that can be changed by a hacker. Once you’ve identified a hacker, give them a list of everything you need to be changed. 

How do you change your grades online? 

If you have enough knowledge about computers, cybersecurity, and data encryption, and so on, you wouldn’t need to hire a hacker. You could go about making changes to your grades by yourself. Here are three steps you could use to alter your grades online: 

  • Logging into the EGCS 

The EGCS or Electronic Grade Changing System is the first place you need to log into. You can do it the same way you would log into your portal for the rosters online. When you’ve Gaines access, click on the EGCS link. 

If grades are still being entered online, then you can use the REGIS (online rosters.) Once there, you need to select the change link option in the column of the actual grade. You can find this on the list next to each individual students’ name. 

  • Changing the grade 

The automatic page that you will see here is the ‘Search student’ page. To search for your name or the student whose grades need to be changed, enter their Rutgers ID or their last name and first name. You’ll then have to enter all the specific details like course name, year, subject, section, etc. 

There’s another little tip you can use here. If you aren’t aware of the particular section, then all you have to do is to search for ALL. The database will be searched in all sections of the course for the student you require. Then choose search to go on to the result page. 

  • Finishing up 

Here, select the ‘Change Grade’ option. You will be taken to a page where you have an option called ‘Create Grade Change.’ Here you will be able to make changes to the already existing grades. You will come across this page once you have successfully found a student using the system. 

Enter the details like Name, email address in the fields given and choose the new grade from the options that you see in front of you. The comments section must be filled with some remarks. Once that’s done, submit the request to change the grade. 

How to change your grades online hack

If an email is registered, a confirmation email regarding the change in grade will be sent to the email id that’s entered. If the student is properly enrolled in Rutgers, they will receive an alert from myRutgers regarding a change in their grade. 

how to hack grades online

In Conclusion 

It’s very important to know that attempting to hack the server and change grades is a very serious offense in Universities. You must make sure that you know exactly what you’re doing if you attempt such an action. If you are caught, it could have very serious consequences. 

Getting bad grades is a very stressful thing to go through. If you feel you can’t attempt the course again and changing your grade is the only way, do it correctly. Again, if you feel you don’t have the right skill set to do it, it’s always best to hire a hacker who knows exactly what they’re doing and how to go about such a task. 

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